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Between Dates

4.2 ( 6432 ratings )
Yardımcılar Üretkenlik
Geliştirici: Don Espe
1.99 USD

Between Days was written to quickly tell how many days are between two dates. It uses a simple interface to get these answers in the quickest way possible. Underneath the simplicity, Between Days is one of the most feature rich date apps in the app store. Don’t let the simple interface fool you, this app does show a lot of information in a clean and easy to use format.

To use the app simply set the start date and end date and it will display the number of days between those two dates. To select which date to edit you can either touch the date you want to change, or press the setting start date/ setting end date button. The selector will automatically change to display the date selected. It will also display the current day of the week showing on the calendar selector.

If you would like to save the date for later, simply press the save button on the bottom. To recall a date, or to view saved dates press the view dates button on the bottom. Once you are at the list of dates simply press one to use it as the current date, or press done to return to your previous dates.

There is also a subtract/add days button shown depending on the date you are modifying. This is useful if you need to find what the date is after a certain number of days. Just a note you can only add to the end date or subtract from the start date.

The copy to end date/copy to start date button will set both the start date and end date to the selected date.

The reset button will set the beginning and end date to the current date.

I hope you enjoy this app and find it useful! If you have any questions or comments send me an e-mail at

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