Between Dates App Reviews

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Interesting idea, but lacking in functionality

Interesting idea, but lacking in functionality. First: disable the sound. It's horrible. Second: lack of information. For example: - display working days vs weekends. - maybe integrate the ability to add time gaps (for holidays ... ) - maybe some more weird info > seconds, minutes ... A few requests from a free user, but i think will help. I will change my rating accordingly for future updates ( but not only for my requests, surprise us).

A little complicated

I don't really like the layout . Picking a date and having to copy to start or end is too much work for me. I just wanted a simple date difference. Maybe 2 spinning wheel top n bottom n result in the middle? And a subtract box next to result? I think most ppl would prefer something nice simple n efficient. I will keep this app since I need something like this, until probably the next update.

Needs to have time of day also

I will give 5 stars if u add time so that u can set even the time of the day

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